@ActualAdviceBTC's 101 Cryptocurrency Trading Guide

Hi, I'm ActualAdviceBTC.

You probably found my guide from twitter. This is the new 2017 version, which comes with significant updates and is actually readable on smartphones.

For better or for worse, you've been seduced by all the controversy/hype and want to trade Bitcoin -- one of the most treacherous/manipulated/profitable currency markets (depending on who you ask).

This comprehensive no-frills guide will teach you everything you need to start trading cryptocurrencies in 2017, guaranteed to turn any noob with cringey questions into a passably fluent journeyman of the crypto markets (no promises about profit!).

Entering the Market

I assume you have gotten a hold of Bitcoins somehow. If not, follow this flowchart to figure out the easiest way for you to buy your first Bitcoins and enter the market!

Opening a Trading Account

So now you have your Bitcoins and you're ready to trade! But with hundreds of exchanges out there, which one offer the best liquidity, fees, products, security, service, etc.? Fortunately for you guys, I've had the dubious pleasure of trying most of the exchanges over the years and have it narrowed down:

Extra Tools

Once you get exchanges figured out, arm yourself to the teeth with these for that extra edge:

Essential Trading Apps

Essential Charting Sites

Multi-Chart Setups:
  • Other People's Okay Multi-Chart
Esoteric Cryptocurrency Lore

Lexicon of Crypto Slang

Basic Technical Analysis